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The truth is, we all have a story and our stories as unique as they are, are worth sharing. So let me start with mine while I look forward to reading yours. (smiles)

I’m a Creator, Startup Junkie & Disruptor. Creating JumobyLand, an entrepreneurial city where thousands of African youths will access resources to thrive in life. Junkie of startup ideas flowing daily and often overwhelms me. Disruptor of idealism. I spent my first 20 years receiving instructions, spent the following 10 years observing the instructions received, and decided to question everything for the next 30 years. I’m building Jumobite Tribe, a community of people financially empowered, mentally enlightened, and spiritually awakened.

I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Intelligence Analyst, Social Change Maker and Fitness Enthusiast. Founder/CEO of The Daniel Ajumobi Company Limited and Jumoby Pan-African Ventures, both parent company for a collection of startups across technology, agriculture and entertainment space. And lately, Jumoby LTD/GTE was birth.

you can tell i’m a light eater from the image … wink

As a consultant and public speaker, I understand and stimulates human potential, utilizing in-depth consulting and newly emerging insights to educate and empower individuals, institutions and nations to new levels of achievement.

A Keynote Motivator, Certified Coach and Consultant. I consult and give lectures in conferences, schools, seminars, youth meetings, corporate and government organization. I authored “Money and You” “Become a Millionaire Importer” “The Facebook Richual” and “The YOU Series”.

A Social Innovator Fellow inducted by LEAP Africa and member of YouthActionNet (International Youth Foundation). Alumni of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Grantee of The Pollination Project, Alumni of Lagos Business School (EDC), Etc… These are organisations that have contributed to my journey towards greatness in differs capacity.

During Social Innovator Induction by LEAP Africa x YouthActionNet
As Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneur

Born into abject poverty. I had no nursery school education and also no formal education beyond secondary school. But with a dream and determination, I have initiated and continued a process of unending self-education which has distinguished me as an authority on human potential and capacity development after successfully journeying through street-hawking into social-entrepreneurship.

The above image reflects a significant 10 years transformation I went through, and not just physical but majorly a paradigm shift (mental). And I realize that my passion to learn and hunger to achieve greatness in myself and others helped my growth thus far.

I started Community Development Catalyst (CDC) with “My CAP” Initiative (My Community Action Project). The level at which skills and potentials were been wasted grieved me so much that I had to jump into the street to start a talent survey which gave birth to Nuud Network.

As a budding entrepreneur, I featured in the 2008 Dragons Den Business Reality TV Show Nigeria with my business initiative – Jumoby Fruities. I Created NoizMakaz Inc and serves as the Chief Innovation Officer, a Social Media PR, and a Strategist. Co-founded a community base ecommerce OjaOta and a TechHub ecommerce.

Served as the Convener of The WAY Africa – War Against Youth-unemployment in Africa.

I am driven with a passion to rescue my generation from servitude and a vision to engage and enrich youth, by building a network of one million proactive young people across Africa.

My misery (past) has created a path for my ministry (future). My story is such that inspires me daily to inspire others. Because the first 10 years of my life right after birth is that of struggle and hardship, living daily in abject poverty. Hawking on the streets of Lagos for survival.

Today, the story is not the same. And I share my journey insight on this platform weekly not because I am where I want to be (the journey is still far), but rather because I am not where I use to be.

I have eaten poverty and I have tasted wealth. I tell you today, WEALTH is better.

I am inspired to inspire others. I believe if I help enough people get what they want in life, I will get all I want.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you. If you can, I will be glad to read about you in the comment session below. Feel free to share your story and what you think about mine.

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Don’t Be a Stranger.

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